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Lighting Options For Your Studio

The Value Of A Great Assistant/Second Shooter

When I first met Jessica last September (before that it was 30 years since I last saw her), she was so many things rolled into one: a mother of two beautiful boys, a wife, and a hard working loan agent. The one thing that I saw above all else is her deep desire, and hunger to be a photographer. I still remember that day (I blogged about it if you look in the back posts), she was so eager to assist me, and learn. I remember her struggling to adjust a flash that she was unfamiliar with, but she was determined to get it right. She soaked up everything I was trying to do (I had two boudoir sessions, and a maternity session all in one day) to the point where I felt comfortable letting take a few shots. Her company was a real blessing! She really helped keep me and the talents up beat and engaged


What I’m Bringing This Time To The Philippines

An Amazing 2012

I’ve been photographing NYE parties for the past 5 years, and I’ve decided this year I’m going to take this year off

This NYE I’m going to the Philippines. I’ve been photographing NYE parties for the past 7 years, this year I’m going to take a brake form the party mayhem. Hopefully it will be a quite NYE in the Philippines.

This past year has been a fantastic adventure full of hard work, travel and new friends. I had a life changing trip to the Philippines, and Colombia. I created a new blog called Maganda Filipino, and it has blown up far beyond my expectations (I have more than 9000 followers to date). I moved back to the Bay Area. And I’m happily un-married. I hope your 2013 will be amazing, full of success, and happiness. Happy new year!


My favorite Christmas gift, Juliana

As I waited with baited breath the auctioneer announces “$45 going once!…$45 going twice! Sold!” In the summer of 1981 in a hot tent at the San Jose flea market, I became the proud owner of a slightly used Minolta SRT201. Actually, I had only $42 saved from my allowance and I borrowed the rest from my little sister.


The Little Things To Get For Your Studio

What’s Your Photography Goal: Affordable, Original, or Best?

In my opinion all photographers can be identified into these three categories. We all start at the affordable and then find our way to Original, and for a small few become the best in our industry. There are advantages and disadvantages to all so let’s break it down:

One of my favorite living photographers Joe McNally


A Word On Personal Projects

You Gotta Be A Special Lady

It’s very special when you get the opportunity to work with some someone you trust Jessica Ford my editor for PWB is that person. I want to share with you the first day we met (again).


Share your talents with the people who need it the most

In this season of giving please share your talents with the people who need it the most. Here is the new introduction to Portraits Without Borders. Thank you, Gracias, and Salamat!