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10 Nights In Bangkok

I was excited to go on my second trip to Thailand. Remembering all the things I missed the first time around I was determined to get it right this time. I had three goals; to photograph the Flower Festival in Chang Mai (a city north of Bangkok) for the Emagazine I worked for, search for the Buddhist that has been in my child hood dreams, and go south. Not to mention the minor goals; meet as many beautiful Thai people as I can and eat as much Thai food as I can.

We just landed in Chang Mai and had few hours to settle into hour hotel room when we realized the big flower festival parade was about to begin. Knowing that it’s blazingly hot I wanted to carry minimal stuff so I just grabbed a camera body, flash and a few lenses. What a sight! It was a spectacle of animals, people dressed up in traditional garb, the scent of a multitude of floras combined with the smell of Thai street food. First thing’s first; grab some coconut juice from a street vendor, it makes me feel at home.

For the next two hours my shutter was literally snapping every 10 seconds. From the parade to the spectators there was so much to see and capture; I’m glad my batteries were fully charged. My most vivid memory was this little girl who (for a moment) got away from her mother who was buying food and walked in the middle of the road and just stood there.

As quick as it began, it ended just as fast, and the people went back to doing what they were doing like nothing happened. Just as well I got some good shots for the magazine.

While in Chang Mai we (Chi, my friend, and fellow photog) decided to do what most people want to do when in Thailand, ride an elephant and look for tigers. Sadly no tigers appeared, but it was a fun ride.

I’ve seen many people walk their dogs in the States, but around Thailand walking your elephant was a common occurance. I had to tell our driver to stop so I can take this image. He was amazed that I would even care about seeing a guy walking his two elephants down the street.

We also did another Thailand touristy thing and went to see a village with people doing villagey (is that a word?!) things.

The next couple of days we went to Buddhist temples and gatherings. I was specifically looking for that special shot that represented the Buddhist that’s been in my childhood dreams. When I was a child and would have a violent dream, the image that would appear most of the time to set things straight is a Buddhist. I think I found that Buddhist.

I can’t go to Thailand without making a stop in Southern Thailand to explore the thing that brings me back; white sand, clear waters, tropical fish, limestone pillars, and one of the most beautiful islands on the planet Ko Phi Phi.

On the way to Ko Phi Phi Island we stopped to see a place were they collect bird’s nests for soup. I know Bird’s Nest Soup is a delicacy and would live to try it. The next time I have $100 laying around to spend on soup I’ll give it a shot.

Photos by Ashton Boni