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My personal Olympics Moments

What To Look For In Your First Photography Studio

Are you ready to look into having your own studio? Do you know what you want and don’t want? I know I didn’t when I was ready. What really helped me is to look at other photographers studios and see what they have so I can decide what I want for my studio. This video is tour of my studio. I hope it helps you figure out what you want for you.

3 Things To Look For When Photographing Events

In the past 12 years I’ve covered over 500 events from music festivals to nightclubs to Christmas parties, to corporate functions. Barring the “look at me” photos (I will discuss this topic in a later blog) I can safely say 90% of the images can be put in one of 3 categories. These categories are what you should look for when covering any wedding, Christmas party, corporate party, or any other type of function .

The Camera Looks Both Ways

First of all I’m so sorry for being behind on my blog posts. I’ve spent the last month in the Philippines. I’ve had little to no Internet service, and a tight and busy schedule while I was over there.

Edzen at the Bellevue Hotel, Manila