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My Favorite Studio Lighting Setup

Written by Ashton Boni

10 Nights In Bangkok

I was excited to go on my second trip to Thailand. Remembering all the things I missed the first time around I was determined to get it right this time. I had three goals; to photograph the Flower Festival in Chang Mai (a city north of Bangkok) for the Emagazine I worked for, search for the Buddhist that has been in my child hood dreams, and go south. Not to mention the minor goals; meet as many beautiful Thai people as I can and eat as much Thai food as I can.


Where Do I Find Inspiration

Every once in a while my creative tank gets low on nitro, and I have to refill it. For me inspiration is being in a state of mind where nothing is impossible. It always comes in the form a trigger. It’s like the domino effect, one idea influences something and so on. Here are some ways I find that first domino.

Rembrandt, Monet, and Michelangelo


Don’t Be Like Me

When I first bought my two Canon 5D MarkII I thought to myself, “I don’t need this video function!” Fast forward a few years and here I am editing video footage of my first music video project. I truly enjoy shooting, and editing video! It’s wonderful to add another skill set. Yes, it’s different from photography, but light, planning, composition, and story telling is the same. Since I already view movies as a great source of inspiration I guess it’s make sense to give video a go. So don’t be like me, and poo poo video. You never know, you might find another thing to fall in love with. Follow Ghost Parade on Facebook

Ghost Parade – Reach

Moon Over Wedding MBA

Since we recently had a blue moon I thought I would share my moon story. The road to Wedding MBA (Merchants Business Academy) started easily enough; pack bags, go to airport, catch first flight to SLC, miss my flight from SLC to LAS because I forgot I was one hour ahead. Simple enough; right? I’ve been to Vegas a few times so getting acclimated didn’t take long (note to self: watch Barry Manilow at the Paris resort).

The first day of WMBA was exciting, fun and full of many people I wanted to meet. It started with Andy Ebon, a speaker I’ve highly admired for a long time. As the day progressed, my list of things I needed to do to improve my business became longer and longer. At the end of the day I met some great, hard working and passionate vendors from all across the country: Tracy and Kristi of Touch Marketing from Phoenix, Carmina Cristina a MUA (make up artist) from PA, and Renee Kopp of Celebrations Now also from PA.