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Lighting Options For Your Studio

The Value Of A Great Assistant/Second Shooter

When I first met Jessica last September (before that it was 30 years since I last saw her), she was so many things rolled into one: a mother of two beautiful boys, a wife, and a hard working loan agent. The one thing that I saw above all else is her deep desire, and hunger to be a photographer. I still remember that day (I blogged about it if you look in the back posts), she was so eager to assist me, and learn. I remember her struggling to adjust a flash that she was unfamiliar with, but she was determined to get it right. She soaked up everything I was trying to do (I had two boudoir sessions, and a maternity session all in one day) to the point where I felt comfortable letting take a few shots. Her company was a real blessing! She really helped keep me and the talents up beat and engaged


What I’m Bringing This Time To The Philippines