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3 Other “important” Settings On Your Camera

Most photographers that are worth their salt are familiar with the three primary setting controls; aperture, ISO, and shutter. But, there are other settings that will dramatically help in shooting events and keep you as agile as possible.

Shot using burst mode, Spot Metering, and 1st Curtain

Many times you’re going to want to shoot in burst mode. That’s when you keep you finger on the shutter button and it just keep firing. Shooting in burst mode helps to capture fast action like someone dancing. Well, you can leave it on burst mode and still shoot single frame. When you just want to shoot one frame at a time you just press the shutter button quickly. Keeping it in burst mode will save you a step and in event photography timing is everything.

For me, it works the best because the camera only wants to focus on what’s in the center of the lens. In other modes like matrix it wants to find an average focus of the entire screen. Doing this will waste valuable time when you’re wanting to capture a moment that last milliseconds. Another reason why it’s important to keep it in spot metering mode is it gives you a better chance of keeping the face in focus by keeping the face in the center of the frame. I will tell you how to keep the face in focus while not looking in the viewfinder in a later post.

First off here is a quick explanation on what this is. Say your shutter is open for 5 seconds, 1st curtain fires the flash at the beginning of the time period (in this case 5 seconds). Second curtain fires the flash at the end of the 5 seconds. People have different opinions on which to use. I’ve always used first curtain for a few reasons. 1. second curtain is only helpful (for me) when the streaks of light are creating a trail i.e. a car zooming by and you see the streak of light behind the vehicle showing the illusion that the car is moving forward. With event shooting there is no forward or backward. 2. I like 1st curtain because when the flash fires in the beginning I can control where the light goes buy shaking or dragging the camera. I recommend you experiment and find which one works best for you.

Written by Ashton Boni