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About Us

 Vision Statement

To empower photographers with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to give back with the life-changing gift they possess. At the same time provide organizations, and events who are helping to change the world with powerful images, and video that help achieve their goals.


Ashton Boni [Founder] - When I first started 12 years ago I didn’t have a mentor or anyone that wanted to help me with my journey in photography, and because of that I selfishly kept all the knowledge I did acquire to myself. It’s just recently that I experienced the joy of giving back with the skills I have, and knowledge I’ve acquired. Once I started offering my services to people in need, and sharing what I know with other photographers it gave me a feeling of awakening coupled with a sense of fulfillment that was missing in my life. That feeling made me want to find a way to share more, and find other photographers who want to do the same. That’s why I created PWB.

Personal Website: AshtonBoni.com 


  Jessica Ford [Editor] - Photography is a never ending learning experience. I have been fortunate throughout my learning process that I have had people who have unselfishly given to me. Given their knowledge, given their time and given me the most valuable lessons of photography, which is to pass on what I have learned to others and give back…unselfishly. My contributions to PWB is a small step in coming full circle as a photographer.

Personal Website: Jessica Ford