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Cancer, Photography, and a 1000 Words – Guest Post By Jenn Martin

Photos may be worth a 1000 words, but they can’t speak of the emotional journey one takes during their battle with cancer.

We all know someone who has cancer, has battled & triumphantly won, as well as those who fought like hell but their lives were taken all to soon.  It’s beyond scary, those 6 little letters. Cancer are the words no one wants to ever hear, but sadly, it’s heard all to often. 


My heart has been touched by those stories I have heard, the bravery witnessed & the tears of emotions shared. So imagine taking a photo and seeing the story of perseverance through the eyes of another, to view that person’s journey in the mist of their greatest battle. To capture ones story with a click of a button.

Last year I started The Memories Foundation in honor of my cousin in law, Jessica, and her incredible battle with lymphoma. Through her I was inspired to start the foundation that offers photos, at no charge, to families whose loved ones are battling an illness, and would like to have some beautiful heartfelt photos as cherished memories. Since October is a month of breast cancer awareness and I asked family and friends if they had someone who would like to spend an hour with me and allow me to capture their true inner beauty while battling breast cancer. Through a friend, I met Stefanie.


Adorable in pink, shy under her baseball cap, I saw a beautiful, strong & vivacious woman. She bravely allowed me to capture her newly bald head, which to me is a sure sign of courage. We laughed & cried during her short session, but in the end we formed a bond that I truly cherish. Weeks later, Stefanie shared her emotional journey of how she found out about her cancer, the misdiagnoses, the treatments, the toll it’s taken on her body & family, but also the perseverance of staying strong & getting healthy for her beautiful little girl and husband.

Kathy with her grandkids

Little did I know that just a few months later, my own Mother would enter her own battle with breast cancer. Because of my time spent with Stefanie, I was able to handle the news & choices of my Mom’s own battle with cancer, with a more understanding heart.

Kathy with her kids

I’m proud to share that both Stefanie and my Mom are breast cancer survivors and in full remission. It’s been a long road for them both, however I’m hope, that I in my own way, both behinds the lens of a camera & as a person who cares for their souls, that they continue their lives with the strength and passion and love that they so beautiful share with others.

All my love,

Jenn Martin 

Owner of Jenn Martin Photography   www.JennMartinPhotography.com

Founder of The Memories Foundation  www.TheMemoriesFoundation.org