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Happy Halloween Everybody!

This year I finally have a Halloween night where I’m not photographing the craziness of this season. I was hoping to go candy collecting with my nephew, but I will be in Columbia documenting missionary work. Some day I will photograph a Halloween in another country maybe Philippines, but in the mean time, I’ve complied some of my favorite Halloween photos from the countless parties and events I’ve covered over the years here in the States. Happy Halloween everybody!


Thrill The World Chico 2011 Offical Video

I have been asked to cover this fun, and exciting event again, but sadly I will not be here to do so. I will be in Columbia documenting a missionary group helping a few ravaged villages. Here’s what I did last year. If you ever get a chance to participate in this event in your city, do so! I’t so much fun!

If you wanna know where this fun event originated from….Thank you Philippines!

3 Things To Look For When Photographing Events

In the past 12 years I’ve covered over 500 events from music festivals to nightclubs to Christmas parties, to corporate functions. Barring the “look at me” photos (I will discuss this topic in a later blog) I can safely say 90% of the images can be put in one of 3 categories. These categories are what you should look for when covering any wedding, Christmas party, corporate party, or any other type of function .