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Top 20 Cliché Wedding Photos

Cliche photo by Ashton Boni

Interview: Benjamin Edwards

I got to finally have a conversation with a photographer that within the past year has inspired me, and change my photography direction for the better. He has done so much by giving back with his camera. He is the founder of Emote360 and runs a successful wedding, portrait, and commercial  business out of Bend, Oregon named Benjamin Edwards Photography. I hope you enjoy my talk with Benjamin Edwards.

Podcast Interview with Benjamin Edwards

Benjamin and the team on location in Africa

A small sample of world images from Benjamin

A small sample of Benjamin’s wedding work

Benjamin Edwards

We here at PWB are always looking for photographers making a deference, sharing lessons, and doing something good with their talents. When I stumbled on this guy 7 months ago he was the catalyst for having PWB turn from a wish I wanted to do someday to becoming a reality. Check out his amazing story here on the Framed channel (also a great site to follow) I’m working on having a personal interview with him so Benjamin, if your listing let’s talk!