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What I’m Bringing This Time To The Philippines

Palawan, Dinner, Carabao, & 4 Model shoots!

10 Nights In Bangkok

I was excited to go on my second trip to Thailand. Remembering all the things I missed the first time around I was determined to get it right this time. I had three goals; to photograph the Flower Festival in Chang Mai (a city north of Bangkok) for the Emagazine I worked for, search for the Buddhist that has been in my child hood dreams, and go south. Not to mention the minor goals; meet as many beautiful Thai people as I can and eat as much Thai food as I can.


Photography Tip: Getting The Best From Your Model

Traveling Tips for Photographers

Travel and photography are closely connected to each other for me. As a photographer, I am always on a hunt for fresh subjects and new inspirations. Having been to over 20 different countries around the world, I think I am at a place to discern a thing or two about travel photography. Admittedly, over the years, I have committed a lot of mistakes: I’ve lost and destroyed equipment or parts of it, dropped bits and pieces in the water and even left gear in my hotel room. So here are some tips collected after all the travel adventures and misadventures I’ve participated in.

Santa Rita Fiesta, Pampanga, Philippines

The Camera Looks Both Ways

First of all I’m so sorry for being behind on my blog posts. I’ve spent the last month in the Philippines. I’ve had little to no Internet service, and a tight and busy schedule while I was over there.

Edzen at the Bellevue Hotel, Manila

What I’m Bring To The Philippines

Some of you have asked what I will be bringing to my trip to the Philippines. Here you go!

Interview: Nikole Lim of Freely In Hope

Listen to my interview with Nikole Lim

When Jessica (Editor here at PWB) told me to take a look at this photographer that photographed a mutual friends wedding I wasn’t expecting much. After looking over the gallery I was pleasantly surprised with her wedding work. As I dug deeper into her site I was not only impressed, I was totally blown-away, and humbled by the work she has done for women around the world. I will let her About Page tell the rest of her story.

From documenting a widow with leprosy in the jungles of Vietnam, to providing scholarships for victims of rape in Zambia, furthering
 social justice through the arts has been a vital part of Nikole’s ministry around the globe. By using film and photography, Nikole seeks
 to empower women by giving them a voice to share their stories of difficulty and triumph, while fighting stigmas affecting women 

Nikole is the Founder and Executive Director of Freely in Hope, a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring justice, dignity and hope by liberating women and their families from the bondages of poverty. Freely in Hope operates in Kenya providing micro-business training courses for widows,
 psychological counseling, vocational courses, and scholarships for girls who are survivors of rape, single mothers, or living in slum 

Nikole graduated with a degree in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University and resides in Los Angeles. She is an 
active member of The Salvation Army and works with inner-city youth. Her heart beats for young women whose voices are silenced by oppression and desires to see every heart liberated and restored.

Please support Nikole’s efforts to empower other women around the world. Purchase her documentary While Women Weep.

If you want to learn more about the life changing work Nikole Lim is doing click her name.