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Moon Over Wedding MBA

Since we recently had a blue moon I thought I would share my moon story. The road to Wedding MBA (Merchants Business Academy) started easily enough; pack bags, go to airport, catch first flight to SLC, miss my flight from SLC to LAS because I forgot I was one hour ahead. Simple enough; right? I’ve been to Vegas a few times so getting acclimated didn’t take long (note to self: watch Barry Manilow at the Paris resort).

The first day of WMBA was exciting, fun and full of many people I wanted to meet. It started with Andy Ebon, a speaker I’ve highly admired for a long time. As the day progressed, my list of things I needed to do to improve my business became longer and longer. At the end of the day I met some great, hard working and passionate vendors from all across the country: Tracy and Kristi of Touch Marketing from Phoenix, Carmina Cristina a MUA (make up artist) from PA, and Renee Kopp of Celebrations Now also from PA.

The second and third day were also filled with exciting information. I think I learned the most from Stacie Framcombe founder of GetMarried.com and magazine. Her insight on print media and how to attack it was eye opening.

When this convention was finally over, and after hearing from all of these successful people who told me how much money and business I can increase by doing whatever they do, I couldn’t help feeling like I’m drowning in the challenges of improving a business. Every speaker had so many great ideas that I have hand cramps trying to write them all down. The whole four days just made me feel like I was doing everything wrong and nothing right. I’m concerned that I can’t possibly implement all these ideas, and that attending WMBA was a waste of time. I met many passionate people who face the same mountain, and are at different stages of their long climb to achieving their goals. I felt like we were all tied together somehow, and if one fails we all fail. Maybe it’s just my helpful nature but I can’t help but worry about the rest of them, especially the ones I’ve gotten to know.

As I sat in the SLC airport waiting for my flight home I shared my feelings of being overwhelmed with Jessica, an old friend and aspiring photographer. She gave me advice such as “pick the important ideas”, “one step at a time”, and “I’m lucky I have a business background”. These words of encouragement were comforting, but it didn’t do much to drown my worries. Then I saw the attachment she sent along with her email.

It was a photo of the super harvest moon that she took at 3am. She said, “really boring, but at least it only took me 20 shots to get it (smiley face)”. She asked if I took a photo of the moon while I was in Vegas, but I didn’t know what moon she was referring to; I was to busy being preoccupied.

When I saw the image it brought my whole week into perspective and it hit me like a beacon of light for a ship lost in a thick fog. It became the most valuable lesson I learned all week. She woke up at 3am to take a photograph not because it was going to make her a lot of money. Not because it was going to advance her career. Not because it was going get her lots of publicity. She took the photograph because she loved photography…that’s it. That’s the only reason.

Sometimes I loose my way when I’m chasing my dream to be the best photographer I can be. Sometimes I get carried away with all the tasks I need to get done, and sometimes I get in trouble for spending way too much money on my obsession. If I never went to WMBA and heard all the amazing speakers this week it would still be ok. If I never got to meet Joe McNally, or Bambi Cantrell or any other great photographer I admire, it would still be ok. If I never had a business card, website, blog, fan page, or Twitter page, it would still be ok. If I lost my feeling of disappoint for not getting up at 3am to photograph a moon, then I would be worried.

Thank you again Jessica for teaching how to be a great photographer. Now I owe you twice.

Written by Ashton Boni