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My personal Olympics Moments

Now that the 2012 Olympics is underway, I plan on dedicating the next 2 weeks watching every second in front of the Teli (see what I did there!) Hopefully on a treadmill instead of a couch. Every time I watch the Olympics I always wish I was there in person. I’ve had a few opportunities to do that in the past (Greece, and Beijing), but knowing how much it’s gonna cost me I always back out. But, I’ll always have my memories of being the photographer for the Special Olympics in N. California. If you ever want to see the human spirit in it’s truest from volunteer your time (It doesn’t have to be as a photographer) for the Special Olympics. Start here Special Olympics

So if your like me and love love love watching the Olympics, Goodspeed to all the athletes, and I hope you loose weight while your watching on a treadmill!

Written by Ashton Boni