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Palawan, Dinner, Carabao, & 4 Model shoots!

The Importance Of A Good MUAH

Happy Halloween Everybody!

This year I finally have a Halloween night where I’m not photographing the craziness of this season. I was hoping to go candy collecting with my nephew, but I will be in Columbia documenting missionary work. Some day I will photograph a Halloween in another country maybe Philippines, but in the mean time, I’ve complied some of my favorite Halloween photos from the countless parties and events I’ve covered over the years here in the States. Happy Halloween everybody!


Thrill The World Chico 2011 Offical Video

I have been asked to cover this fun, and exciting event again, but sadly I will not be here to do so. I will be in Columbia documenting a missionary group helping a few ravaged villages. Here’s what I did last year. If you ever get a chance to participate in this event in your city, do so! I’t so much fun!

If you wanna know where this fun event originated from….Thank you Philippines!

3 Other “important” Settings On Your Camera

Most photographers that are worth their salt are familiar with the three primary setting controls; aperture, ISO, and shutter. But, there are other settings that will dramatically help in shooting events and keep you as agile as possible.

Shot using burst mode, Spot Metering, and 1st Curtain


3 Things You Don’t need As A Beginning Photographer

Within the first 3 years of my photography journey I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on useless bullshit. I’m writing this for all you fine folks who are still within the first few steps of your career in photography, and trying to figure out what to spend your hard earned money on to get you to the next level. Here is a list of the things you can really do without especially at the start of your career:

My first image that made me think I can be a photographer (May 20, 2000 in Madrid, Spain)


My Favorite Studio Lighting Setup

Written by Ashton Boni

10 Nights In Bangkok

I was excited to go on my second trip to Thailand. Remembering all the things I missed the first time around I was determined to get it right this time. I had three goals; to photograph the Flower Festival in Chang Mai (a city north of Bangkok) for the Emagazine I worked for, search for the Buddhist that has been in my child hood dreams, and go south. Not to mention the minor goals; meet as many beautiful Thai people as I can and eat as much Thai food as I can.


Where Do I Find Inspiration

Every once in a while my creative tank gets low on nitro, and I have to refill it. For me inspiration is being in a state of mind where nothing is impossible. It always comes in the form a trigger. It’s like the domino effect, one idea influences something and so on. Here are some ways I find that first domino.

Rembrandt, Monet, and Michelangelo


Don’t Be Like Me

When I first bought my two Canon 5D MarkII I thought to myself, “I don’t need this video function!” Fast forward a few years and here I am editing video footage of my first music video project. I truly enjoy shooting, and editing video! It’s wonderful to add another skill set. Yes, it’s different from photography, but light, planning, composition, and story telling is the same. Since I already view movies as a great source of inspiration I guess it’s make sense to give video a go. So don’t be like me, and poo poo video. You never know, you might find another thing to fall in love with. Follow Ghost Parade on Facebook

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