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Part 2: Top 9 things you should leave out of your Craigslist ad.

Now that you understand what’s going through the minds of people who are looking for photographers on CL, and what your ad must present, lets look into the things you should leave out of your compelling Craigslist ad.

 1. Boasting – When you boast about how good you, and your services are is that really what kind of photographer your client wants to hire? Lets look at a few.

  • “ Great photos from a top rated photographer for all dates in 2012” I thought “great photos” is up to the client to decide. If your “top rated” why is your calendar wide open for 2012? If I’m questioning your statements then you better believe a potential client will be questioning your statements too.

  • “Top Rated Photographer” According to who?  I didn’t know we had a rating system.

  • “The best wedding photographer around” – You’re just setting yourself up for failure with this one.  It should be re-written, “Hire the most arrogant photographer around” because that’s what you’re asking them to be around for their wedding day.

  • “Best of Craigslist” I’ve looked all over CL and I’ve never found a way to vote on who’s the best on anything.

2. Clichés –  Of course you’re “passionate.” Of course you’re “artistic.” Of course you’re “creative.” I wish I had a dollar for every time I saw these words. Sorry for the cliché phrase, but you understand what I mean. Be more creative to express your uniqueness, and personality. 

3. “Award Winning” – In a nutshell, NOBODY CARES. It’s merely a powerless marketing phrase.  As Scott Bourne said, “If you gotta rely on awards, keep your day job.”

4. I’m Cheap – Stay away from words like: low budget, affordable, inexpensive, etc. You’re just asking the potential client to look at one thing and one thing lonely, price.  Is being the cheapest the reason why you got into this business? I hope the reason you got into photography is because you believe you have the talent, skill and professionalism to handle the job not because you’re cheaper than everyone else. Price yourself with the value you provide, not what you think people can afford.

5. A novel – If you can’t entice a potential client within the first screen shot then your saying too much. Remember your goal with your CL ad is to be captivating enough for a client to contact you via email or phone call or want more info via website.

6. Hide Email – That’s the auto email link at the top of your ad. Spam spiders contact you this way. If you opt “hide” email then you won’t get spam.  We’ll talk about email contact on Part 3.

7. Showing your price – This is a tricky one. I understand one of the main reasons to include a price is to qualify people, but again is price the only factor to hire you?

 8. You do everything – There’s an old saying, “jack of all trades, master of none” We all know that we as photographers can photograph more than just weddings, sports, kids, etc., but clients don’t feel that way. They want to know they are hiring a “master of one.” Would you feel comfortable hiring a “general mechanic” to fix your Ferrari or a person who specializes in Ferrari’s?

9. Criticizing your competition – This is just wrong all around. I’ll spare you examples of this one. It should just be common sense.

Coming soon, Part 3: Top 6 things your Craigslist ad must have