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The Value Of A Great Assistant/Second Shooter

When I first met Jessica last September (before that it was 30 years since I last saw her), she was so many things rolled into one: a mother of two beautiful boys, a wife, and a hard working loan agent. The one thing that I saw above all else is her deep desire, and hunger to be a photographer. I still remember that day (I blogged about it if you look in the back posts), she was so eager to assist me, and learn. I remember her struggling to adjust a flash that she was unfamiliar with, but she was determined to get it right. She soaked up everything I was trying to do (I had two boudoir sessions, and a maternity session all in one day) to the point where I felt comfortable letting take a few shots. Her company was a real blessing! She really helped keep me and the talents up beat and engaged

Fast forward 1 year & 10 months, and she is officially the person I have worked with the most. I can’t count how many times she has assisted me on weddings, portrait sessions, street shooting, held my bags, held my flashes, moved a light stand, brought me a lens, and bought me lunch (wait, I bought her that). It’s such a joy to find someone that you can get along with, laugh with, and who you can count on when your trying to keep it together.

Her progress has grown greatly since we first met. I know she’s improved when I was editing the last wedding we shot together, and I got around to Jessica images, most of what she shot was a keeper. She recently bought her own pro SLR. I hope she knows that buying a pro SLR is officially the “no going back” mark in a photographers career.

I will never forget the sacrifice she did when she gave up a chance to see Prince in concert; her husband bought the tickets as a surprise unbeknownst to her! She went to all the trouble to resell them so she can honor her commitment to shoot a wedding with me. It will be a beautiful and sad day when she can no longer assist or second shoot with me. She will be too busy with her own photography journey. Thank you Jessica, for all the help, inspiration, commitment, and laughter you have showed me.

Written by Ashton Boni